Our Story

It was in 2018 when after first academic and practical approaches to fashion and career options, our founder Janina realized that she only wanted to work in fashion if she could use her skills to bring positive change and innovation to the industry. Turning business ideas over in her mind, her niche suddenly became clear: There was no 100% satisfying aerialwear on the market – nothing that was functional, pretty and eco-friendly enough to meet her high standards and those of fellow aerialists worldwide.

Pretty leggings with terrible grip on aerial silks, sports bras with no support whatsoever when upside down, cute pieces that never match, itchy plastic fabrics – we’ve all been there! So why not create the perfect product herself? Two years of fabric qualities research, academic explorations considering the emotional meaning of clothes we cherish, training hard on various aerial equipment, finding out about supply chains and product life cycles, and lots of learning by doing have lead to where Dressed for the Circus is today – and we’re only getting started!

But it’s not only about our personal preferences. As a business, it’s our responsibility not to contribute to the further destruction of our environment, but instead do our part to make the world a little bit better. Every emerging fashion brand has the power to do things right from the beginning and help improve the whole industry, and every consumer has the power to express what they care about by their buying decisions. Let’s dress for the circus and point the way!

Founder Janina test wearing a sample pair of leggings on the aerial hoop / lyra