Philosophy & Vision

We’re more than just another sportswear brand.

Our clothes are specifically tailored to aerial artists and our unique requirements in terms of design, functionality and sustainability – which means we want to have good grip on our aerial toys and look and feel amazing, all while having the least possible impact on our environment. We actually want to do good!

That’s why we represent and support a holistically positive idea of the circus: the mind-blowing strength and elegance of the human body, the mesmerizing beauty of flexibility and shapes, the playful magic of movement, the fascination of feeling good dangling upside down, and of course the promise to never hurt and abuse animals. The circus is meant to be fun and empower everyone involved, up in the air just as much as behind the scenes.

So we say NO to virgin polyester, NO to fast-paced trends and throwaway fashion, NO to unreasonably cheap prices and bad quality, NO to humiliating working conditions.

Instead, it’s a HELL YES to eco-friendly organic materials, pieces that we’ll love and appreciate for years, fair labour and transparent value chains.

Dressed for the Circus is made by aerialists for aerialists – we want to feel our very best when we train and perform, and we want to share this wonderful experience with you. Stay tuned for a unique aesthetic with meaning and purpose, and enjoy the real value we bring to you!