Aerialwear made in Europe

  • for pole dance, aerial hoop / lyra, aerial silks, aerial hammock, trapeze, aerial rope, stretching & more
  • created by a fellow aerialist from Germany for all of you aerialists out there
  • shipping within the EU right from our shop & to other countries upon request
  • made from eco-conscious 96% organic micromodal
  • manufactured under fair working conditions by a family-owned business in Portugal
  • support a small fashion brand :) #slowfashion

Our core advantage: natural fabric aerialwear for a better training experience

What sets us apart from many other brands, specifically in the sportswear industry, is our main fabric that's made from 96% organic fibre called micromodal. It's super stretchy and incredibly comfy, provides good grip on aerial apparatus such as aerial hoop or aerial silks, absorbs sweat easily and feels just like a gentle touch on your skin. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer - perfect for any kind of aerial training, stretching, or simply relaxing afterwards.

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  • beautiful & high-quality

    Excellent quality fabric, perfect fit, it is comfortable and does not tighten but fits snugly and follows the body in movements. Beautiful print. Everyone complimented me on this pole set.

    - Irene

  • like a second skin - for real!

    I love the material and how it feels on my body. I always thought "feels like your second skin" is just a thing that brands say for their marketing, but those clothes really deliver on that promise. Sometimes I forget I am wearing them, they are just so comfortable. My training pants are literally the first thing I put on every morning, even before I have my first cup of coffee. I love wearing them at home as well as at the training. They make me feel sexy.

    - Maria

  • a brand to keep in mind

    The look is classic and elegant, but the print panels make it unique. The outfit is very comfortable, the pole panty creates a pretty bum and the bra is super comfy while providing good support. The leggings have great grip on silks and easily withstand heavy impact such as trapeze or aerial rope!

    - Lydia

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Aerialwear & circus spirit for everyone

We create aerialwear for everyone, beginner or experienced, amateur or professional, no matter your age, gender, or body type. Embrace the unique spirit of the circus and bring a little magic into your everyday life by wearing leggings, panties, and sports bras that support your training and express your values.

At Dressed for the Circus, we strive for physical and mental health awareness and promote an inclusive, international community of aerialists.

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  • Like a second skin

    Our main fabric is a modal blend based on 96% natural fibre, making our aerialwear perfectly grippy for hoop and silks. It also keeps your skin cool in summer (outdoor sessions here we go!) and comfortably warm in winter (hello cozy winter dances!) - all while feeling like a gentle touch because it's just oh so soft.

  • Functional comfort

    Our aerialwear is designed to be functional first - so we made sure all our pieces are super easy to put on and take off, even when you're all sweaty after class. Trust our happy customer reviews on this one!

  • A unique kind of magic

    The circus life has a unique magic to it that we want you to feel every time you put on our aerialwear. We stand up for an inclusive community within pole and aerial artistry, a holistic approach to sports and fashion, and advocate for mental health awareness.

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Aerialwear by aerialists for aerialists

Welcome to Dressed for the Circus where we specialise in aerialwear designed by aerialists for aerialists. Our mission is to provide high-quality sportswear that enhances performance and supports your training, whether you're into pole dance, aerial acrobatics, or any other form of aerial artistry - from aerial hoop / lyra to aerial silks and hammock / sling to trapeze, aerial rope, and more!

Our garments are crafted from a unique fabric called micromodal, composed of 96% organic material and just a little spandex for elasticity. This innovative fabric offers unparalleled benefits for aerialists: it's incredibly soft, exceptionally stretchy, and has excellent moisture-wicking properties. Plus, micromodal keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, making it perfect for year-round training. Micromodal makes our garments easy to put on and take off, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility during your aerial sessions.

At Dressed for the Circus, we understand the specific demands of aerial sports. That's why our collection includes leggings, panties, and sports bras designed to meet the needs of aerialists. Our leggings provide fantastic grip to prevent slips and protect the skin from fabric burns, while our panties offer coverage of sensitive areas without compromising on flexibility. And our sports bras are meticulously engineered to provide support and stability, so you can twist, stretch, drop, and go upside down without worries.

But our commitment to quality doesn't stop there. We believe in transparency and sustainability, which is why we offer detailed information on each garment in our shop. From material composition to size guides to care instructions, we want you to feel confident in your purchase. And with customer reviews to guide you, you can trust that you're making the right choice for your aerial journey.

As a one-woman-run business, we appreciate your support more than words can express. We ship from Germany within the European Union, and we're always happy to explore individual shipping solutions for customers outside the EU.

For any further questions, please check out our FAQ, terms of service, and shipping info in the footer below. And if there's anything else on your mind, don't hesitate to reach out via email or dm on Instagram.

Experience the magic of aerialwear designed with passion and expertise. Get #dressedforthecircus today, and elevate your aerial journey to new heights.